Friday, October 1, 2010

an echoing spank

Someone mentioned a spank

and my mind took me

somewhere i had not been
in awhile

the upside
and downside
of the spank
striking the sensitive flesh

both sides of it
the pain received
the pain given

the symphony of pain
sounding and sounding and sounding
through the air

how the currents change
how the tension builds and builds
how the breath speeds
starts and stops at
the sheer shock of it

how how how
a spank feels and sounds and reverbates
inside and out

for a moment

i was



Shadow13 said...

you went far far far away, my friend!!!

Angel said...


Ah I was never really away, my friend...but the mind, body & sould have now

Happy to see you found the kinky crumbs after-all.

Angel :)