Sunday, September 27, 2009

Through An Enigmatic Looking Glass

So many thoughts of men. So many thoughts of women.

And so much in between.

I've been taking a mini hiatus from all things kinky lately, as I've been thinking of the dark path I've walked so far.

So many questions and more questions. Often I am surprised by the answers.

What do I want? So many things. And very little. There is a simplicity to my thoughts.
And a multi-layered complexity as well. I am ever a contradiction. In this, and in other aspects of my life.

I was reading a piece of writing filled with yearning tonight and it made me think of my own dark desires. Those I've tasted. Those I've fantasized about. Those that were not meant to be. Those that I left behind. Those that did not evolve as I evolved.

Where do I go from here, I ask myself.

There are so many voices out in the BDSM bloggers' universe, filled with so many different emotions. And different desires.

What we all have in common is our need to be heard, perhaps.

This enigmatic little place is one. With the sound of my enigmatic voice. Truth be told, at times I am even an enigma to myself. But that's not a bad thing. It's exciting, this discovery and unveiling.

I don't know where I'll go tomorrow.
But I'll post a postcard from the next enigmatic spot in my dark voyage.

Later, my kinky readers.

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1 comment:

S. said...

Warmest thoughts and words to carry with you till then...