Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Muse

My muse.
Where are you.
I’m looking for you.

Your mind your body your spirit
cry out to be molded by me -
beg for my silky touch on your skin
beg for my sensual words in your ear
beg for my claim on you, my ownership of you.

You are ageless.
Age does not matter.

It is your spirit that inspires me:
your craving and thirst to serve me
your sweet adoration
when you look into my eyes
your whimpering pleas for more and then more
and then more please.

You are special.
You are drawn helplessly into my web
because I am all that you crave.

I am your Goddess.
I am your Mistress.
I am your Owner.
I am your Sanctuary.
I am your sweet intoxicating pain
and tortuously teasing pleasure.

Come to me.
I am waiting for you.

*** Angel

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1 comment:

selkie said...

sighs...sometimes so elusive, the muse, capricious and difficult. Yet when she embraces one, how utterly wonderful.